The Lesia Ukrainka Ukrainian School (LUS) is seeking an individual to fill the position of Director of the Program of Studies for 2021-2022 school year.


The goal of the Lesia Ukrainka Ukrainian School (LUS) is to promote and support the learning of the Ukrainian language, Ukrainian culture and traditions, and subjects related to Ukraine. LUS provides weekly Ukrainian language learning opportunities for preschool and elementary school-ages children on Saturday mornings throughout the academic school year, hosted within the framework of the International Language Program of the Conseil des Écoles Catholiques de Langue Française du Centre-Est.


Working in close collaboration with the Parent Committee and instructors, the Director of the Program of Studies is responsible for the academic activity of the LUS, including but not limited to:

􏰀 Preparing the program of studies, with advance approval of the Parent Committee and instructors, and overseeing the subsequent delivery of said program, including the acquisition and/or procurement of relevant resource materials to support learning;

􏰀 Administering recruitment and staffing processes for the engagement of instructors or other support staff to the LUS, with the input and sign-off of the Parent Committee;

􏰀 Overseeing and supporting the day-to-day efforts of instructors, including attending to all relevant staff management issues, as well as managing relationships between staff, families, students and instructors;

􏰀 Being present at the school each week for the entire duration of classes (including online school), and ensuring that appropriate arrangements are in place to appoint replacement instructors in the unexpected event of instructor absence;

􏰀 Ensuring sufficient supervision of students and the monitoring of the overall learning environment throughout the LUS school year in adherence with school board and Ministry of Education security and safety policies and procedures;

􏰀 Supervising the efforts of volunteers and any other guest visitors participating in LUS activities;

􏰀 Maintaining ongoing effective communication with the day school which serves as the hosting premises for the LUS;

􏰀 Serving as a community role model by reinforcing Canadian values of respect and tolerance for others, as well as encouraging harmonious co-existence amongst students, staff and parents within the LUS;

􏰀 Establishing and maintaining communication with parents regarding school life, the school calendar of learning and associated events, relevant policies and procedures, as well as behavior and attendance issues;

􏰀 Serving as the key liaison for LUS with the International Language Program office/municipal school board and the Ministry of Education, especially in such matters as the accreditation of the program of studies, approval and funding of the program, and the selection of texts and supplementary materials;

􏰀 Providing progress reports to the Parent Committee on the status of instruction in the LUS;

􏰀 Acting in the absence of the Head of the Parent Committee, on as needed basis;

􏰀 Other related job duties as prescribed in the International Language Program manual.


􏰀 Excellent communication skills in English and Ukrainian, both oral and written.

􏰀 Ability to work independently and as a team member and manage one’s own and others time effectively in a dynamic environment.

􏰀 Strong interpersonal skills, in particular a demonstrated capacity to mediate conflict and facilitate constructive problem-solving and consensus building among key stakeholders.

􏰀 Ability to communicate transparently with diplomacy, judgement and tact in dealing with parents, students, instructors and school board representatives.

􏰀 Demonstrated commitment in promoting and supporting the learning of the Ukrainian language, culture and traditions through community involvement.

􏰀 Experience in overseeing the implementation of, and ensuring adherence to, a range of relevant policies and procedures within a work environment (including online schooling).

􏰀 Experience in key aspects of human resources and/or staff management.

􏰀 Capable of mobilizing key stakeholders towards a common objective or goal through open, ethical and transparent engagement strategies.

􏰀 Experience on education and instructor capacity-building/mentoring is considered as asset.


Applicants are invited to submit their resume and a cover letter outlining how they meet the specific requirements of the position to the Head of the Parent Committee at by April 23rd, 2021.

We sincerely appreciate all applications, however, only those candidates short-listed for an interview will be contacted.

Please note the selected candidate for the position will be required to provide proof of a recent Police Record Check as a formal requirement for employment.

Job Ad - Director of the Program of Stud
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